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music is the most powerful means of influencing a person.

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In today’s world, we are all exposed to stress every day, both adults and children. Self-expression and the manifestation of one’s emotions through creativity becomes not only useful, but also necessary.

Our Goal

Our goal is not just to teach a musical specialty, but also to discover new abilities through music lessons in all areas. It has long been proven scientific fact that fine motor skills directly affect the functioning of the brain. Music lessons allow you to keep a balance in the development of the cerebral hemispheres. For example, piano lessons contribute to the development of mathematical abilities, string instruments – perfect pitch, vocals – the development of self-confidence and oratory skills. As well as such important qualities as coordination, attentiveness, patience, responsibility, endurance, perseverance, the ability to think creatively, not only in creativity, but also in everyday life. Classes in groups help to socialize in society from an early age.

Our Approach

Our approach is focused on the individual development of abilities in dealing with music. Therefore, our teachers do not stop developing in innovative technologies of education and psychology, based on the characteristics of modern children.
In our classes, we use an integrative approach that combines various forms of learning that complement each other, as we are convinced that the best experience is the one that brings joy. And the benefit must be for everyone to enjoy. So for young children, learning in a playful way is much easier and more fun.


Olga Ponomareva

  • vocals
  • piano
  • cello
  • music theory
Olga was born in 1986 in Volgograd to choristers and choir directors family. She began to study vocals from early childhood, from the age of 8 she studied cello and piano.

Olga is a laureate and winner of city, regional and international competitions – New Names, Symphony, etc. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation 2002-2003, scholarship holder of the Crescendo Summer Institute 2010, Hungary.

In 2006- 2011 Olga studied at the Gnesin Academy in Moscow with a student of Mstislav Rostropovich, Pr. BorisTalalay (cello) and with Pr. Nonna Tolstikh (piano). She also took a course in choral conducting at the Academy of Sacred Music in Moscow.

In 2014 she took a composition course at the Vienna University of Music, in 2018 a composition course New Classics at the Moscow State Conservatory. From the age of 13, she repeatedly participated as a solo performer in subscription concerts of the Volgograd Symphony Orchestra. She performed in various halls of the city of Moscow as a member of various ensembles, as well as in the cello orchestra at the Jubilee of M. Rostropovich in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory. She performed her own work for cello solo at the international festival in Hungary (2012).

In 2013-2014 she worked in American Entertainment company, performing in show programs with world-class artists – Ian Cooper, Clint Holmes, Guinness record holders Rebecca & Donovan, etc.

Since 2015, she has started her solo project ol.cello, which organically combines classical and modern music. As a composer Olga has works for choir, piano, cello, quintet, vocal songs, electronic music and tracks for short films. In 2021 she published her first music score for cello and piano.

Olga Ponomareva has also been teaching piano, cello, vocals since 2004. Sinse 2021 Olga started to teach in the Institute Montana Zugerberg. Works with adults and children.

vocals – individually, vocal groups, piano, music theory, improvisation

level – beginner, intermediate, professional

genre – classical, pop, jazz

languages – Russian, English

Anna Kim

  • violin
  • piano
  • music theory

Anna Kim began her concertizing carrier at the age of 8, performing with the Vladivostok Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra. After winning three competitions in the Primorsky and Far-East regions, successfully entered the 4th grade of the Central Music School attached to the Moscow State Conservatory named after Peter I. Tchaikovsky. At the age of 16, received 2nd prize at the International Violin Competition in Tolyatti and shortly after, at the age of 17, she won another 2nd prize at the International Competition for Contemporary Music in Berlin (Germany). Ms. Kim was an honorary scholarship holder of the legendary “New Names” as well as the UNESCO Charitable Foundation scholarship programs.

Graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in the class of professor E. Grach. Not long after the graduation, Anna performed numerous times on Central TV in Seoul (South Korea), continuing her carrier in the United States of America as a guest artist, working with various orchestras in New York City, Philadelphia, “Symphony in C” Bachanalia Orchestra led by Nina Beilina, Philadelphia Virtuosi chamber orchestra, Manhattan players and many other.

Later, in artistic collaboration with popular Russian actor Nikolai Fomenko and widely recognized composer-arranger Felix Ilyinykh, Ms. Kim has launched the “FomAnia” music project, that opened doors to such outstanding and prestigious venues as “Red Square” with more than 30,000 people present, “City Day” on Poklonnaya Hill, popular TV program “Evening Urgant”, another TV program – » What? Where? When?», Crocus City Hall and the legendary Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

For the last three years, Anna has been actively engaged in educational and practical activities in the field of Psychology. Earned an additional degree as the Art Therapy psychologist from the Institute of Modern Psychological Technologies as well as receiving a Diploma from Psychological Coaching Institute of Applied Psychology in the Social Sphere. Ms. Kim is a member of the European Coach Federation Association. Nowadays, Anna’s life is filled with teaching and performing as a musician and at the same time continues her education and practice as psychologist-consultant and child psychologist.


violin, piano, music theory

level – beginner, intermediate, professional

genre – classical, pop, jazz

languages – Russian, English

Philippe Wille

  • guitar, acoustic and electric
  • vocals
  • band coaching
  • worship leadership
  • Eight years of classical piano lessons during school
  • guitar and vocals: autodidactic studies
  • As a teenager, youngster in various rock band formations (highlight: support act for «Züri West»)
  • From 1994 until today management and coaching of various worship bands, numerous performances in services, seminars, conferences, worship concerts
  • Over the years, attended numerous weekly/weekend seminars, workshops and individual lessons on topics such as worship leadership, songwriting, band coaching, guitar, singing (Adonia, Lothar Kosse, Bad Gandersheim, Stiftung Schleife, etc.)

In addition to his passion for music and different styles, Philippe Wille also has a great fascination for the spiritual/supernatural dimension of music.
Philippe’s overriding goal is to bring people into encounter, and further into friendship, with God through music.

level – beginner, intermediate

genere – pop, rock, reggae, blues, funk, jazz

languages – german, english

Dmitry Demyashkin

  • piano

Dmitry Demyashkin was born in the city of Saransk.

He began his studies at the special music school attached to the Kazan State Conservatory and then, at the age of 10, he continued his piano studies at the Central Music School directly affiliated to the legendary Moscow State Conservatory named after P.I. Tchaikovsky.

The first international success for the arising musician came at the age of 11, when he became a winner of the International piano competition «Piano Music Virtuosi» (Czech Republic, 1993)

Following this glorious success, Dmitry was invited to join as a soloist during the presentation tour of the First World Children’s Symphony Orchestra in Italy (Milan, Venice, Genoa, Cremona) and the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

In 1999, having won a grant for education from the Swiss bank Fontobel, becoming a student at the Zurich University of the Arts in the piano studios of Professor K. Shcherbakov, and Professor H. Frantses. Upon graduation, Dmitry received three diplomas in the field of musical arts: Concert, Pedagogical and Soloist diplomas.

The graceful manner of performance and genuine passion for music won enthusiastic responses from jury members and critics in Russia, as well as throughout Europe and America. In 2007, at the age of 25, Dmitry became the youngest Honored Artist in the history of the Republic of Mordovia. Late on, in 2012 he was awarded the International title of «Steinway Artist».

Dmitry Demyashkin has also won many awards and competitions:

1992 – Diploma winner of the International Youth Competition named after P.I. Tchaikovsky in Moscow,
1994 – 1st prize at the International Television Competition «Bravo Bravissimo» in Italy.
1994 – 1st Prize at the International Competition of Finno-Ugric Peoples,
1997 – 1st prize at the International Radio Competition for Young Performers «Concertino-Prague» in the Czech Republic,
1998 – 1st prize at the I Festival of Piano Music in the Republic of Belarus,
2001 – 1st prize at the International Competition VI-e Rencontres Musikales de la Venoge Lions Clubs in Lausanne, Switzerland, as well as the Owner of a special honorary “P.I. Tchaikovsky” prize at the International Piano Competition «Russianmusic 2002» in California.
2006 – Two special prizes at the XXVII International Competition «Alessandro Casagrande» in Italy.
2007, Dmitry became the laureate of the III prize at the International Piano Competition. L. Beethoven in Bonn.

Other awards include – The Golden Book of the presidential program «New Names of the Planet: XX century-XXI century» under the auspices of UNESCO and was awarded a special prize – the statuette «Dancing Angel» – from the European Union of International Youth Competitions (EMCY).

Dmitry became a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the International Charitable Program «New Names», V. Spivakov International Charitable Foundation, Lira Branch of Fontobel Bank (Switzerland), the Head of the Republic of Mordovia and the UNESCO International Charitable Foundation.

Dmitry has given concerts in more than fifty countries around the world, performing with such orchestras as the Grand Symphony Orchestra conducted by V. Fedoseev, the Tonhalle Zurich Orchestra, the Lucerne Festival String Orchestra, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, the Basel Symphony Orchestra, the Zurich Chamber and Zurich Symphony Orchestras, St. Petersburg The State Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liege, the California Symphony Orchestra, participated in many festivals, including the XX International Istanbul Music Festival, the IV International New Names Festival, III Moscow International Festival of Young Soloists, International Festival of Classical Instrumental Music for Children and Youth «Sound of the Soul», XXX South Bohemian Concertino-Prague Festival in the Czech Republic, Omaggio a Roma in Italy, “I” Open Piano Music Festival in the Republic of Belarus, Ventura music festival in California, VIII Annual International Laureates Festival in Los Angeles, Winter Festival in Eilat, Rouen Music Festival in France and the Ruhr Piano Festival in Germany.

At the age of 25, Dmitry Demyashkin began his teaching career as an assistant to Professor H. Franzes at the Zurich University of the Arts.

2011 – Opened his own school in Switzerland, in the city of Brunnen.
2014 – Associate Professor at the Zurich Conservatory.
2018 – Artistic Director of Crescendo Concert Management.
2019 – Associate professor at the Zurich University of the Arts.
2022- Professor at Kalaidos Musik Hochschulle.

«A completely electrifying pianist, a genuine charismatic virtuoso, which is a rarity these days.»
– Jacques Leiser (EMI records) –

“He embodies an excellent combination of boundless virtuosity, graceful musicianship and magical sound. His playing has an aristocratic influence that captivates the audience.»
– Homero Franches, professor at the Zurich Higher School of Music –

«Demyashkin, whose demeanor on stage is as irresistible as his artistic skill, is truly a star, and, mark my words, soon enough he will be regarded as one of the great discoveries of the new century.»
– John Bell Young, critic (St. Petersburg Times, Clavier Store, Opera News, American Record Guide)



level – beginner, intermediate, professional

genre – classical, pop, jazz

languages – Russian, English

Daniel Schürch

  • drums

Daniel Schürch, born October 19, 1962, married, 3 children

In 2014, Daniel Schürch successfully completed the three-year course to become a certified drummer and drum teacher at the Swiss Drum Academy. He has been playing in various worship bands for over 20 years. Worship of our Creator is a central theme in his life.

Daniel Schürch is federal qualified insurance specialist and owner of profibroker ag based in Zug. He is currently studying at the SBG (School for Biblical Business Principles). Daniel and his wife Silvia are members of the Christian Meeting Place in Zug.



level – beginner, intermediate

genere – pop, rock, reggae, blues, funk, jazz, latin

languages – german


The current concerts of our teachers and students are listed here.


The current concerts of our teachers and students are listed here.


The current concerts of our teachers and students are listed here.


The current concerts of our teachers and students are listed here.

Our Studio

You can also use our professional studio, which is equipped with all the equipment for audio recording and video clips. You can please friends and loved ones with your performance or create your own unique video clip.